How To Configure IPv4 Network Settings in CentOS 7 (Two Methods)

Setting Up Networking in CentOS 7 Using the GUI

Our first method involves using the CentOS 7 graphical user interface (GUI for short.) It’s very simple and only consists of a few steps.
From your desktop go to
Applications > Sundry > Networking
Your screen should look like this

Method #1 Setting Up An IPv4 Network Using the Terminal and nmcli

If you prefer using the command line then our second method does just that. We will be using the nmcli command to add and modify a new connection.

From your terminal use the following format
nmcli con add con-name type ethernet ifname <your interface name ip4 your ip address gw4 your gateway address

The syntax should look similar to this

Now let’s activate the connection by running:
nmcli con up

We can verify the status of the connection by running
nmcli con show

Check back daily for more Linux tips and tricks!

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