Installing and Configuring VSFTP

Installing VSFTP on Linux is simple and the procedure is very much like installing any other program. This guide will walk you through how to download, install and setup VSFTP for secure file transfers. What is VSFTP? VSFTP stands for Very Secure File Transfer Protocol. It is a file transfer method used to securely send... Continue Reading →

Joe Cross Juicer Review

In Depth and Honest Review of the Joe Cross Juicer Thinking about investing in a quality juicer? Make sure to read this first! A juicer is a machine that extracts the juice out of fruits, plants, and vegetables allowing you to get your daily dose of nutrients in just a cup of juice. There are... Continue Reading →

Setting UP LDAP and AutoFS in RHEL 7

LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) is an authentication protocol used to allow secure access to directory servers. It's an open standard protocol so all of it's documentation is freely available for those who desire to build an LDAP server. It uses port 389 to communicate and is a TCP/IP protocol. In order to install use... Continue Reading →

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