How to Fix Your External Drive Showing the Wrong Disk Space

I recently purchased an external hard drive. It’s a 1 TB SeaGate Back Up Plus external hard drive. I had to format it after having to wipe and reinstall Windows on my PC. After doing this I noticed that the external drive was showing that it only had 80GB of disk space. There are a few ways to solve this I’m going to go over doing it using the Windows command prompt.

You will need to initialize the disk as GPT and then format it. In order to do this follow these steps:
In the Windows search bar type in cmd. Right click Command Prompt and select Run as administrator.

In the command prompt type diskpart and hit enter
Now let’s view the current available disks by issuing the
list disk command
Now run select disk 2 (replace 2 with your disk’s number)
In order to format the disk run the clean command
To bring the disk online, run online disk 1 (replace 1 with your disk number)
Then give it a partitioning scheme (I’ll use GPT in this)
convert GPT disk 1

Create a partition on the disk by running
create partition primary 1000MB (creates primary partition 1000MB in size)
select part 1
Create a file system on the partition and format it as NTFS
format fs=ntfs

Your drive should now show the correct amount of space.

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