Vegan Protein Shake Reviews


Are you searching for a vegan protein powder made from 100% organic vegetables AND doesn’t contain soy? Do you want to enjoy a protein shake that’s healthy without compromising taste? If you work out and exercise regularly you are probably supplementing your protein consumption with a protein shake, which is a great way to give your body the fuel it needs after a good work out. And if you’re like me you have tried a variety of plant based protein powders claiming to be 100% vegan while having a great flavor only to find out that most of them taste awful. I have only came across two brands that deliver exactly what they advertise. I’ll review each of them and provide links to where you can purchase both.
Alpha Vegan Plant Based Protein

First I will review Alpha Vegan since this is the first one I discovered that was 100% plant based and also tasted great. Alpha Vegan claims to be a 100% plant based, soy free, vegan protein powder. It provides 21 grams of protein per serving and the least expensive tub comes with 2.2 lbs of powder. It also claims to be dairy free, non-gmo and easily digestible.
What’s Inside

Alpha Vegan Plant Based Protein contains pea protein, cranberry seed, chia seed, and sacha inchi seed. It is sweetened with stevia.

Alpha Vegan plant based protein powder comes in two different flavors, chocolate and vanilla. I’ve only tried the vanilla flavor and it is delicious. I usually mix it with water and some hemp juice, rice milk, or almond milk.

You can get 2.2 lbs of Alpha Vegan protein powder for $49.95 from here.
OWYN Plant Based Protein

OWYN Protein is a protein shake that I recently purchased from my local Sprout’s Foods Market store where they only carry the small bottles but after trying it I quickly looked into where I can buy a larger amount from. OWYN claims to be a vegan, soy free, dairy free, non gmo plant based protein that also contains probiotics, Omega-3s and BCAAs. The protein content in OWYN is 20 grams per serving, with 14 servings per tub.
What’s Inside

OWYN Plant Based Protein mix contains pea protein, pumpkin seed, chia, kale, broccoli, spinach, cane sugar, flaxseed, sea salt, monk fruit extract, and probiotics.

OWYN plant based protein powder comes in four different flavors, strawberry banana, dark chocolate (coffee mix) and smooth vanilla. I’ve only tried the smooth vanilla flavor and it tastes great.

You can purchase a small bottle at your local Sprouts for roughly $3.00. Alternatively you can purchase a tub from their website for $27.99. The tub is 1.1 lbs.

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